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I am glad you like adverbs — I adore them; they are the only qualifications I really much respect and I agree... in thinking that the sense for them is the literary sense.
- Henry James
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Literary Pendant Necklace by Bookish Charm

The reader - Little girl reading books with her furry orange friend by majalin

C. Hérouard, La Garçonne at home, 1925. Orignally printed in La Vie Parisienne

Ensueno (2007), Fabio Hurtado

Jean Despujols

I Love Books and Tea Print by FlourishCafe

I’d really like to have a tote bag like this!

If I’m in the mood for a good contemporary YA that is fun, has good characters and at the same time it is about serious (but not overly heavy) issues, I always choose something from Sarah Dessen.

But unfortunately there are only 4 of her books left that I haven’t read, so soon I’m going to need a “new” author who I can go to for this particular reason.

Can you recommend me some?

Alfred Lambart (1902-1970) Juliet, Daughter of Richard H. Fox of Surrey,1931

Book Locket Necklace by apocketofposies

I really need a necklace like that, especially when I’m on public transport!

- Shh I’m reading necklace by HomeStudio